Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wheyyyy I'm loving all the new summer clothing that's come into the shops recently! Even if it is still slightly cold, it makes me look forward to summer! I purchased some floral sunglasses the other day from Primark- £1! right bargain- they make any outfit look a bit more seasonal!

The only bad bit about summer is the first day you wear shorts, before you have been on holiday... PALE ALERT! I'm not really one for a fake tan, I don't think it would suit me.. but as soon as there's a slight colour to your legs it's fiiine:) Last year I went on holiday at easter, so I was already tanned for the good weather in May when I got back.. this year I'm not going on holiday til July so I'll be missing out on the pre-tan.

Scallop hem shorts- Topshop
I went to a party last weekend and borrowed my friend's high waisted shorts- i decided afterwards that I am going to buy some for summer... I'm quite liking the coral coloured shorts, or maybe even go for some floral ones? They're so versatile cos in summer they can be worn by themselves with a top, and dressed up with heels etc. and in winter they can be worn with tights and brogue shoes or boots, so they are at the top of my list of things to buy right now!

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