Sunday, 27 February 2011


I haven't posted in a while, and the last one was really lame.. well i am still doing that project. I also still have the rest of that story to write.. for this week. It's been half term this week but it hasn't felt like much of a holiday. Kinda boring actually, with a few highlights.

I haven't been able to sleep very well recently, it's probably my messed up sleeping pattern or something but don't you think it's strange how people have ways they make themselves fall asleep? It sounds weird but if you think about it it's true. For example, I couldn't sleep the other day so I just thought of this corridor, with loads of doors that kept on going and going and then I fell asleep. Something else I do is think of a journey of walking into town or to someone's house, and by the time I get there I'm asleep. Everyone will think I'm a right wierdo now won't they? But it's just like the whole counting sheep thing, except I find counting sheep is boring.

Oooh I will post soon about my dress I have made I think, goodbye.

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  1. Wow Bella! This is very inspiring- good stuff :) Keep up the good work! I want to be reading more blogs from you.. I've never even thought about the above ^^ so good on you for wording it to perfection! EH