Thursday, 10 February 2011

'Still Life with Orange' by Paul Gauguin

Take some photos like this..
And paint something like this..

I got given my art final exam yesterday, we have 5 weeks to prepare and I chose the starting point 'structures'. I was thinking of doing natural structures like of a pomegranate and take some really good close up photos on macro and print out big and do some etching, sketching, watercolour, ink, pastel and just as many studies of it as possible really to fill my blank sketchbook.

Then I realised we had to choose a particular artist... and i was completely stuck. I searched for still lifem but they were all the usual fruit bowls and apples and oranges. In the end I chose Gauguin, who's a master painter, but I really like his oranges. I wanted something a bit more contemporary and modern though so I'll keep my eyes open. Any ideas?

By the way none of that pomegranate stuff up there is mine, I found it on google search.

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