Saturday, 26 March 2011

nutella for bella

Being bored on a saturday afternoon is not much fun, so I decided to update my blog.
I was quite dissapointed earlier this week when I went to the cupboard for my nearly daily piece of toast with chocolate spread or nutella on, and there, in all it's white and yellow glory sat a jar of MORRISONS VALUE CHOCOLATE SPREAD!!!!!

As you can guess, I was not pleased. You see, i'm a bit of a chocolate spread-oholic and discovering this saddened me... ALOT
Normally we don't get full on ACTUAL nutella in my house, but there is one that is soooo nice which has bits of nuts in it- YUM!!!!! Cadbury's chocolate spread is pretty good too. Well, anything is compared to MORRISONS VALUE! My plan to overcome this is to eat it as quickly as possible, which is not hard seeing as I normally have more spread than bread anyway, but when it doesn't taste as good it goes down slower don't you think?

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