Wednesday, 5 January 2011

So now it's new year, full of wonder and exciting new year's resolutions which will be kept for about two weeks before being forgotten about until next year, which is 2012! The year in which some people say the world will end for some reason. Today has been the rainiest day ever! I'm just used to all the snow and ice I guess, but the bleak winter landscape is really starting to show. The constant drizzle and grey skies will stick around until at least april! So I'd better get used to it. I think the first day that I see a ray of sunshine will be the best as lazy summer will be on it's wayy. We started back at school today aswell, and i'm not glad to be back cos from now on its constant revision and finishing coursework until may or june, URRGGGHHH!!!!!! I bet all the teachers did nothing over the christmas holidays apart from see their families, eat and watch christmas movies like the rest of us, but they also expect us to do work between all this? It's rediculous, they should give us work when we're at school, and none while we're on holiday

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