Thursday, 16 December 2010


So today was non uniform day at school, and as it's an all girls school, everyone tries to outdress eachother..quite funny really. The first thing I noticed on my way to school was the number of people wearing 'gilets' in all styles and colours, so I said to my friend that we should count them and by the end of the day we had got to about 30 before we lost count! It was like Michelin Man land, seriously. I like gilets, they're warm and some people really suit them, but today I definitely thought they were overworn along with green trousers and military boots. EVERYBODY owns them! And I thought military boots were for the army and 'rebellious' type people? What happened to good old jeans, a top and sneakers too? I mean I like fashion and that, but a lot of people go way too far to look 'different' to everybody else simply resulting in everybody looking very similar again.

So instead of wearing the new thing you bought in town last weekend because all your friends have it, wear the first thing you see, and that's the key to look 'different', believe me.

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